Workforce Engagement Management.

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Drive engagement throughout the employee lifecycle and turn every agent into a top performer with a seamlessly integrated WEM suite.

Workforce Engamenent Managent
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Empowering agents to deliver an exceptional CX.

Talkdesk Workforce Engagement Management™ is an integrated suite of intelligent, intuitive solutions designed to help you manage, develop, and engage your agents throughout the employee lifecycle. Improve your customer experience and optimize operational efficiency in the contact center.

Seamlessly Integrated Wem Experience
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A seamlessly integrated WEM experience.

Elevate your workforce engagement strategy with a seamlessly integrated user experience for training, managing, coaching, and empowering your agents. Save valuable time and effort for supervisors, quality analysts, and resource planners.

Leverage The Power Of Artificial Intelligence 2
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Leverage the power of AI.

From agent forecasting and scheduling to coaching and knowledge management, Talkdesk Workforce Engagement Management is infused with AI, machine learning, and automation to make your staff more efficient and provide the insights you need to make better decisions.

The impact of employee engagement.


Increase in productivity


Decrease in attrition


Increase in customer satisfaction

Source: Gartner

Intuitive Solutions For Better Results
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Intuitive solutions for better results.

WEM solutions don’t need to be difficult to implement and use. Talkdesk Workforce Engagement Management solutions provide an intuitive, streamlined experience for administrators and end-users alike, so they can spend more time on what matters most.

Provide A Better Experience For Your Agents
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Provide a better experience for your agents.

Whether it’s through greater scheduling flexibility, better feedback, or applying automation to agent workflows, each Talkdesk Workforce Engagement Management solution is designed to improve the agent experience, so that you can increase employee engagement and retain top talent.

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