Talkdesk helps organizations around the world create better customer experiences.

About Help Organizations Around World

Our mission.

We offer a better way for organizations to unlock the promise and potential of great customer experience.

About Our Story

Our story.

If a journey is defined as moments of great courage, then ours began 10 years ago in the most extraordinary way—with a young engineer’s dream and determination to forever change customer experience by putting the customer at the heart of every conversation and interaction. Living in Portugal at the time, Talkdesk founder and CEO Tiago Paiva prototyped a cloud-based solution that was easy to deploy, integrate, and operate. He entered and won a hackathon, got some seed funding, moved to America and Talkdesk was born. We were a global company from day one.

Talkdesk’s journey, like all memorable ones, has been shaped by the hands and ideas of our people, connected through the years and across generations in an endless pursuit of “a better way.” That pursuit guides our vision and values as we challenge the old status quo in order to help our customers, our partners and our employees thrive and grow. Our entrepreneurial spirit is rooted in this passion and dedication to making the impossible, possible.

Experience. A better way.

Headshot About Tiago Paiva

"If you’re going to succeed you must listen to, learn from, and go above and beyond for your customers."

Tiago Paiva, Talkdesk CEO

Build Better Customer Experiences

Our vision.

We help companies deliver a better customer experience. We are innovative, creative, and challenge the old status quo in order to help our customers thrive and grow. We have fun shaking up the industry and we’re building a business that’s also a great place to work.

Employee resource groups.

Talkdesk supporting the community and each other.

Headshot About Kieran King

Women in Technology.

To cultivate an environment for everyone that supports and encourages women to advance their skills and leadership potential.

“Talkdesk is highly intentional about promoting gender balance. I am proud to be a part of an organization that is committed to catalyzing positive change across the world and living out that change within its own inclusive programs.”

Kieran King, executive sponsor, Talkdesk Women in Technology

Headshot About Cory Haynes

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.

To celebrate the uniqueness of the people that make up Talkdesk – their background, experience, and perspectives.

“It’s important for me to work for an organization that embodies my same values of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. In order to realize that change, I have to take the responsibility and be willing to lead that change.”

Cory Haynes, executive sponsor, Talkdesk Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Headshot About Kathie Johnson

Community and Environmental Giving.

To empower Talkdesk employees to make a positive impact in their communities and in the environment, through charity and volunteerism, while fostering team relationships.

“I believe we each have a responsibility to give back to the communities in which we live, in whichever ways are important to us. Doing that with Talkdesk colleagues makes it even more special to me.”

Kathie Johnson, executive sponsor, Community and Environmental Giving

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