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Healthcare & Life Sciences.

Talkdesk is the modern cloud contact center solution used by some of the world’s largest healthcare organizations to reimagine the patient and member experience.

Healthcare Life Sciences Man Suit

Turn your healthcare contact center into a patient-focused strategic resource.

Talkdesk helps healthcare organizations to improve business and clinical outcomes, by synchronizing the patient journey across any channel—web, email, SMS, mobile app, virtual agent, or live agent—resulting in more efficient communication and better patient experience.

Healthcare Vaccine Administration Process

Vaccine Administration.

Simplify your COVID-19 vaccine administration and communication processes. With Talkdesk, providers and pharmacies can simplify and accelerate patient access to the vaccine with better customer service.

The patient experience revolution.

90% of provider organizations say that their contact centers will play an integral role in driving great patient experiences in the next two years.

Healthcare Reimagine Patient Experience Mobiles

Reimagine the patient experience.

Patients expect more: 96% of patients surveyed report that poor customer service is their #1 complaint and 51% of healthcare consumers cited convenience as the most important factor informing their healthcare decision-making.

With Talkdesk, healthcare providers can improve customer satisfaction and deliver more convenience.

Healthcare Builded Trusted Relationships

Build trusted member relationships.

Payers want to empower members with quality choices, lower costs and convenience, while improving health outcomes, improving profitability, reducing churn, and enhancing customer satisfaction.

Talkdesk is your primary engagement point for building trusted relationships.

Healthcare Personalize Provider Interactions

Personalize provider interactions.

In the era of personalized medicine, patients and key stakeholders expect better outcomes and improved access to care.

Talkdesk helps you personalize engagement with healthcare providers (HCPs), patients, and caregivers to ensure a better experience.

Healthcare Ensure Privacy Compliance

Ensure privacy and compliance.

Security, privacy, and regulatory compliance are essential in healthcare.

Talkdesk applies the most rigorous safeguards and is the only contact center solution provider to offer a 100% uptime SLA.

Talkdesk CX Cloud™ ensures end-to-end data encryption, HIPAA compliance for handling Protected Health Information (PHI), and meets international data regulations such as GDPR and CCPA.

Everything you need to improve the member and patient experience.

Innovative healthcare and life sciences organizations leverage talkdesk to manage their contact center.