Small Business Lending solution.

The Talkdesk Small Business Lending solution is an end-to-end solution for delivering great borrower experiences that streamlines the administration of Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loans by banks, credit unions, and fintechs.

Small Business Lending Solution@2x

Deliver a seamless PPP experience.

Talkdesk is helping financial institutions reimagine the borrower experience by reducing friction in the PPP loan distribution process. Banks and fintechs can deliver loans proactively and easily, through better borrower engagements.

How it Works

Talkdesk streamlines every step of the loan administration process through more personalized, proactive, and efficient borrower communication.

Ppp Small Business Lending Solution

Streamline Service Newest Round Ppp

Streamline service with the newest round of PPP.

Get up to speed on the latest round of PPP loans. Learn how to reimagine the lending processes with Talkdesk.

7 Easy Steps Simplify Ppp Process

7 easy steps to simplify the PPP process.

Streamlining the PPP process can be fast and easy. Checkout our seven easy steps to quickly manage high call volumes, high handle times, or long wait times. Learn how to improve first contact resolution and conduct proactive outreach. All in a remote environment to keep your teams safe.

Talkdesk supports any type of loan.

Accelerate the lending lifecycle for any type of loan—personal, mortgage, and commercial.