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Speech Analytics.

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Collect, transcribe, and analyze 100% of customer interactions for better insights and improved customer satisfaction.

Insights Analytics Speech
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Turn every conversation into customer intelligence.

Use the power of AI to access, analyze, and act on every customer interaction in seconds. Talkdesk Speech Analytics™ helps you understand customer intent, automate call quality monitoring, and improve agent performance. Provide customers with the solution and experience they need and deserve.

Speech Analytics Drive Customer Centric Decisions
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Drive customer-centric decisions.

Collect and share impactful data and insights with marketing, sales, service, and R&D teams so they can make better decisions and respond to customer needs faster.

"With Talkdesk, we’ve been able to identify certain patterns and trends that have made a significant impact on the service experience we provide to our clients."


Speech Analytics Make Operational Efficiency Everyday Mission
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Make operational efficiency an everyday mission.

Showcase what customers are saying on every call to bring customer experience to life for your front lines and back office. Easily identify process automation improvements for better NPS and CSAT. Get real-time alerts about product or service issues before they escalate.

Speech Analytics Turn Every Interaction Into Opportunity Elevate Your Cx
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Turn every interaction into an opportunity to elevate your CX.

With Talkdesk Quality Management™ it’s never been easier to evaluate agent interactions, identify key areas of improvement, and provide agents with the actionable feedback they need to deliver an exceptional customer experience. Talkdesk Speech Analytics™ helps you prioritize key moments to evaluate so you can spend less time watching recordings and more time coaching agents.

Transform Banking With Automation
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Make every agent your best agent.

Support agents with intelligent guidance, recommending next best actions to quickly resolve complex customer issues with Talkdesk Agent Assist™, powered by Speech Analytics.

Virtual Agent Turn Agents Into Experts
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Service your customers 24/7 with an intelligent assistant.

Strengthen CSAT and NPS with Talkdesk Virtual Agent™, an intelligent customer assistant that delivers the answers customers need, whenever they need them while intelligently escalating complex issues to live agents. Talkdesk Speech Analytics transcribes and analyzes the customer conversation in real-time to understand intent and respond intelligently 24/7.

Customers love Talkdesk.

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