Call queues.

Enhance your callers’ call queuing experiences with features such as queue callback, queue to voicemail and custom music and messages.

When all of your agents are busy, Talkdesk will automatically route calls to the intelligent call queue. From within the queue, you can prioritize which calls are answered first based off of their value, request urgency or your own customized business rules. Real-time statistics help you to make intelligent decisions when answering calls from the queue and enable a quick response time for your most valued customers. Intelligent call queuing improve the waiting experience for your callers and empower you to make decisions that positively impact the customer experience.

Customized queues.

With Talkdesk, you can use a standard message to greet customers in the call queue or record your own greeting. You can also customize each queue experience by choosing from a variety of music options and choose to play pre-recorded messages for callers as they wait to keep them informed about relevant company information. These options help optimize the customer’s experience while they wait for agents to answer their calls.

Intelligent call queuing.

Intelligent call queues allow you to field calls based on predefined business rules, wait time or customer value. You can monitor queue status and other advanced call center statistics in order to make more effective decisions when answering calls from the queue. This will help your data-driven workforce reduce wait time and enhance each caller’s experience.

Voicemail option.

Give customers the option to leave voicemail messages if they prefer not to wait in a queue. Voicemail transcription and notifications enable you to quickly respond to each message. This technology empowers customers to decide how long they would like to wait, can work towards decreasing the number of callers waiting in any given queue and can have a positive impact on overall customer satisfaction.

Queue transfers.

When your agents answer a call and find that the caller would be better served by agents in another department, they can seamlessly transfer the caller to another queue. This helps to ensure that callers are given the assistance they are seeking.

Queue wait limits.

Define wait limits for your queues so callers are automatically redirected to voicemail after waiting a specified amount of time. Queuing wait limits ensure that no customer is left in the call queue for an unacceptable amount of time.